MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is quickly being recognized as the fastest growing sport in the world. Recently legalized in Vancouver, the UFC has helped MMA explode into mainstream media creating a multi million dollar industry for all to enjoy. With our own gym and several Muay Thai / MMA fighters on staff AMFAB has always helped support and sponsor the martial arts industry, its clubs, and many talented fighters.

- #1 supplier of Custom Ring Covers in North America
- Stunt Pads and Mats
- Corner Pads
- Turnbuckle and Ring Rope Covers
- Custom Coloured Punching Bag Covers
- Vinyl Floor Covers and Protectors
- Custom Blocker Pads
- Event and Gym Banners
- Table Covers
- Promotional Gear

Fast Fact :
UFC 129 - Apr 30, 2011 in Canada set a MMA attendance record of 55,724 people and highest paid gate record of $12,075,000.


Fight Leagues
Local Talent
Gerry Gionco
Fred Kwok
Master Song
Lance Gibson

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