Fight – MMA

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is quickly being recognized as the fastest growing sport in the world. Recently legalized in Vancouver, the UFC has helped MMA explode into mainstream media creating a multi million dollar industry for all to enjoy. With our own gym and several Muay Thai / MMA fighters on staff AMFAB has always helped support and sponsor the martial arts industry, its clubs, and many talented fighters.


  • #1 supplier of Custom Ring Covers in North America
  • Stunt Pads and Mats
  • Corner Pads
  • Turnbuckle and Ring Rope Covers
  • Custom Coloured Punching Bag Covers
  • Vinyl Floor Covers and Protectors
  • Custom Blocker Pads
  • Event and Gym Banners
  • Table Covers
  • Promotional Gear



Fast Fact:

UFC 129 – Apr 30, 2011 in Canada set a MMA attendance record of 55,724 people and highest paid gate record of $12,075,000.


Fight Leagues
Local Talent 

Gerry Gionco
Fred Kwok
Master Song
Lance Gibson
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