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American Fabricators has the capacity and experience to custom design, manufacture and install portable shelters structures suitable for military applications. The Port-A-Garage Frame System and Ranger Tent Systems offer naturally lit, clear-span shelter space that is functional and quick to install. Either structure can be outfitted with a translucent membrane to allow natural lighting or an infrared blocking material such as 8217 Shelter-Rite® for military applications.

American Fabricators portable shelters can be re-located to other sites to quickly respond to operational needs. The flexible design of the building also allows you to extend or reduce the size of the structure as needed. AMFAB’s Port-A-Garage Frame System and Ranger Tent Systems offers a low cost alternative to high priced permanent steel structures.

In addition to portable structures we can custom manufacture covers and other products for military applications including Kevlar thread and webbing and fireproof nomex cloth. AMFAB has manufactured emergency escape equipment for both the US and Singapore navies using only the most technologically advanced materials. However stringent your specs AMFAB can meet your requirements  requirements.