No job is too big or too small! – AMFAB at IMAX Victoria

The IMAX® Experience is the world’s most powerful and involving film experience. With breathtaking images on a six storey tall screen with 12,000-watts of wrap-around digital sound, this amazing technology takes you to places only imagined. To convey this experience to patrons outside the theatre, AMFAB and Signs of the Times deliver with equally powerful and breathtaking banners! 20′ wide and 30′ high, these banners can be seen for blocks. Banners are printed and manufactured using AMFAB’s Windking™ Digital Mesh, allowing for airflow minimizing stress and risk of tear.


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About the National Geographic IMAX® Theatre

Owned and operated by Destination Cinema, the National Geographic Theatre is located in Victoria, BC Canada. The 400 seat theatre features the 3-D IMAX Experience; with a projected area more than 6 stories high and 80 feet wide, up to 10 times larger than conventional screens, filling the viewer’s entire field of vision.


The Theatre opened in June of 1998 and hosted more than 80,000 people in the first month. Local residents and visitors loved the new theatre in town and its first feature film, Whales. Since that time more than 4 million have enjoyed the IMAX® Experience.