Portable Shelters





American Fabricators manufactures galvanized steel framed Porta-Garages made to fit your specific needs. Choose your length, width, height, and material for your custom Porta-Garage. Some additional options available for this structure system include an aircraft cable / turnbuckle roof reinforcement package that will substantially increase the snow load resistance of this structure. Other options include vents, doors, windows, and dividing walls.





Features: – heavy hot dipped galvanized (inside & out) steel
– horizontal ground piping along full length of frame
– predrilled steel “feet” designed to accept lag bolts
– easy to assemble with little or no tools.
Pipe: – 1.5″ outer diameter
– 1.5mm wall thickness
– weight 0.91 lbs/lineal ft.
Fittings:  – 1.7″ outer diameter welded steel slip fit w/ 6″ long fingers
– 1.5mm steel wall thickness.
Heights: Standard height of our units range between 6′ to 9′ at the shoulder to a peak height of 10′ 6″ – 15′ 6″. Custom heights are available upon request.
Lengths: Standard system lengths are comprised of 4′ horizontal sections between the vertical legs. The total length of the frame can be increased or decreased by adding or removing sections. Custom frame length/section lengths are available upon request. Please ask for a quotation.




Step by step on Installing a Porta-Garage at Flextile, Burnaby BC