RANGER Wall Tents

Our Ranger Tent Systems are all Aluminum Pipe and cast Aluminum slip Fittings. Great solutions for Hunting, Movie sets, Catering/Cooking, Forestry, Showers/Outhouses and Eco Tourism/Resort style applications. Amfab’s Ranger Tent Systems are the heaviest grade around.


– Heavy Duty 1 3/4″ X .065 Wall Extruded Aluminum Tubing
– Tough, Lightweight, Rip-Stop Materials
– Die Cast & Machined Slip-Fit Fittings
– Free Standing & Clear Span
– Commercial Quality
– Field Proven Design


16oz VITEX


Used for both the tent tops and side walls; you can compare its tear strength to 18-24oz fabrics. Very high quality vinyl coated polyester PVC coated fabric. Ultra violet stabilized, fire retardant. -55°C cold crack. Extra wide 81″ panels and available in 9 colours. Also accepts pressure sensitive vinyl letters, vinyl screen inks, and vinyl hand lettering paints for high visibility advertising or logos on the sidewall panels.





Vinyl coated polyester mesh screening. Much higher tear strength than typical screen fabrics and much better suited for use on the larger sized side wall panels in wall tents and party tents. Used in roof peak vents, and ventilating sidewall panels. A variety of colours are available.



20 mil, heavy gauge, flexible window. Ultra violet stabilized and fire retardant.






4 way cut

4 way

3 way

3 way cut

slip fit design