Vitex 16oz

VITEX is a coated (not laminated or ‘lami-coated’) fabric. Produced by the most sophisticated European machinery ever developed. All scrim is European produced on Sulzer jet looms. Vitex will never crack, chip, or peel, and has high pliability for easy placement and removal. Characteristics include high abrasion resistance and tear strength. VITEX is also impervious to delamination. Acrylic top-coating gives VITEX a slick, glass-like top-coat for high cleanability and superior U.V. resistance. Suitable for screen printing, application of vinyl cut graphics, as well as vinyl paints. Highly suitable for long term exterior usage, mobile applications and high tension installations. Vitex is unrivaled for overall quality in the banner, cover, and tarp industry.



– Intermediate ply is entirely unified with top and bottom strates through the SOL-PROCESS.
– 16 oz. VITEX has the same tear strength as many 22-30 oz. fabrics without the added weight.
– Fire retardant qualities meet the most stringent of all F.R. ratings (C.P.A.I. 84).
– Cold crack resistant to -55˚C for extreme cold weather applications.
– Superior dimensional stability and the flattest lie available.
– Extra wide 81” fabric requires minimal seaming during fabrication of large covers.
– Weldable with bar (R.F.) welders, rotary heat welders, and track based welders.
– May also be glued with vinyl cements. For the best results use AMFAB vinyl cements.